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it has been 900 years since i have updated and im sorry... haha its not like anyone goes here anyway... but if u do then thats this weekend was ok... friday i went to see a movie with will and antonio... then wills mom 4 got to come get us... so we took a taxi baxie home... but it was all good.. we saw boogyman... GAY SHIT.. dont see it.. please. haha we even got high before we saw it... and it still sucked ass.. and the lights were like on during the moo vee... so wtf? talk about G-H-E-T-T-O.. o well its great. i was gunna hang out with alicia 2 night but ur couisin jus HAS to come over... haha jk ali..

anyway bout schoolie... im most likey going to Austin High next year.. and the stuff uv heard about bowie... its prob tru if they said it was gay.. stupid..ugly..retarded...and just plain ol fagget. so yea.. umm what else.. oh yea friday was kinda sad for jessie culp.. a mexican girl walked up 2 jessie and poured choclate milk ALLLLL over her... it was the greate!!!!!! haha her face got soo red... it was kinda sad.. but still rlly funnnny..

im excited 4 spring break... madey is coming to visit! and i miss her very much... bu im happy 4 her ... her life is better than it was with her mom... :(

anyway... im mad... at this moment .. at aryan.. and if u read this aryan... then im prob not mad at u anymore.. but at this sec iam!
: )

im sooo happy for aliica and addison! they are so cute togetehr.. and i havent even seen them 2 gether and i already know.. and i know he is good for and to her.. so addison... treat her right.. which i know u do.. and DONT break her heart.. or ill break ur neck... jk...
no im not

so yea superbowl is 2 marrow and i dont really know what im doing yet.. so... thats still getting plans made... wait i mean... the plans are still getting made.. sorry.. got mixed upie

im sooo excided cuz my mom is moving to better aprtments and im glad.. cuz now ill get to do pretty much anything!!!!!!! eeeeee and half of my room is alicia's and when i go to austin shes gunna spend the night during schoolie night.. n cluding will and courtney! haha and anyone else that wnats to!!! jst lettt me know

umm ... its only 9 03 and its tooooo early! omg i feel like its 12 or sumthing. o well i guess.. lets see here what else is new... i guess thats it for now

i love yall!!!!!!

new nickie name!

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