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hey guys! whats up? nm hurr just chilling... didnt do much this weekend except hang out with mi mama! and made pumpkin bread and yea... and i like how the cops like are here EVERY night...( the neiborhood) lol anyway i finally talked to alicia for like EVER and we laughed about how she had a secret admiererr... and how she was BLIND and her bro asked her to marry her... and she said no and he got mad... o yea thier like ... 4 years old... but anyway... Bowie has been alright so far... like i said SO FAR.. but who knows.. i mean i'll just have to see... i would still rather be a AUSTIN... but Bowie will just have to do for now... but its pretty fun their with kaitlyn and brittany and sum more ppl... and yea. for the AUSTIN and bowie games iam going to sit on the austin side... and SO go for them... but its mosly for aliica and courtney!! and others... but MAINLY them hehe so im excided... umm.. iam also happy for alicia and her LOVE! hehe and his name is nick... as in NICKaloadean! hahaha ok well im gunna go 4 now!! love yall
bye bye
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