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Hey friends! whats the damn deal? nm here just in my gayy ass house!!! we found my dog... and yeh 2 gay ass guys had it.. and so just dont ask bout that... so anyway... this weekend is gunna rock cuz im goin out and parrtaayyyy!! haha drinkin an smokin... at least i fuckin hope... but anyway i met a really awesome girl named BRITTANY! and she is so awesome! and KEWL.., haha ok but yeah n e ways i really miss alicia... and she goes to austin now.. which REALLY sux cuz... um.. i LOVE HER TO DEATH!! and i miss her more an more each day! ((( tear))) haha ok but this weekend should totally be cool... tomarrow i should be hanging out with brittany after she gets off work then who knows what we'll get into.. sheit... and i totally need to hang out with Courtney and alicia... and 3 way cameron! hahaha (( u would have to know)) but. annnnnnnyy wayz... i guess thats aboout all 4 now... halla at yall lata!
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