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hey hey hey... im at jens and we are having the time of our lives!!! woo we are having a big grand ole opre... listing to music.. eating...watching movies... fighting... and making a picture trail... and a whole new live journal for jen ... i cant wait to cum back here cuz it is funnnnn..WOO!!! hehehe i like how we just called david and bitched him out.. and didnt stop calling.. i also like how we were pranking people.. im not gunna saY WHO... cuz then it will ruein it. well i read that my sister is gunna change her naem.. so w/e.. its not my fault she hates me.. i have tried to say sorry.. O WELL!!! : ) woolololooo... and amanda... umm ur gay if ur mad at jen JUST cuz she isnt THAT religous or cuz she asked u to stop sending that gay ass shit.. jus get over it.. i mean its 2004... hahaha dont be mad!!!! ok anyway.. i love my new journal.. and FYI iam NOT racist!!!! i love black people!!!! so dont get all offended.. for those people who me and jen watched a soap opera with her mom and it was funny... and pretty intense... i also saw jen's mom through the window cuts branches.. so i HAD to film her... but she got mad... so i stoped... anyway.. i guess thats enough to write... yeah... ok love yall people!
*lovvvveee Liiizizizizizzzzzzzz*
: )
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