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hey yo... not much goin on here except that i havnt wrote in like 20 million years... but o well.. this past weekend has been the fuckin greatest!!! i went to my grandmas and me and cousin ( phillip, 17) went to sum 4th of july thing in the park... which was in goldwaite..( little hick town) and he introduced me to alot of his friends and most of them were cool... and sum were gay.. but the guys are fuckin hottt! and i met this one guy named BO and he is soo hot and a guy named chase took us drivin around like at 2 am in the morn and we went all over the town... and when chace left the trunk to look for his keys.. me and BO made out and i was soooo happy... cuz he's hot and ..yah... and anyway i miss him but thats ok cuz i know i will see him again VERY VERY VERY SOON!!!!! so that will be fun.. and who knows ... but anyway sunday i came home and got ready to go to a HAPPENIN party and it was SLAMIN rad... lol it was just a get togetehr with sum random ppl for the 4th of july... but it was fun.. after i started talkin to people. and a guy named chris.. which sounds just like my dad... was sayin.. LIEEIZ GET IN THE GOT DAMN MOTHA FUCKIN TRUCK!!!! and i just set off and burst out fuckin laughing... so yah i guess u have to know what my dad sounds like... or my impression.. but if u dont thats OKAY.. dont sweat it... anyway...after a while at the party we got sum beeeer and it was goood and i got pretty drunk... just NOT TOO MUCH ... haha then after that i went to alicias... shot fire worx... and BURNT THE SHIT OUT OF MY FINGER..ohh well... guess i learned my lesson.. then i came home around 3 45 and sat around... then i called my unkel and he asked if i wanted to go to the lake to stay the night... and of couse i said yes... so thats what im doing... if it all worx out.. lets hope... anyway.. i guess thats pretty much it 4 now.... see ya later!!!!

*twin mullet*
alicia- BYE
me- walkin out

hahahaha FUNNY SHIT,,, RIGHT ALICIA!?>!?!?!?!?!>!?!>!?!>!?!>!?!>!?!>
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