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stuff that happened??.........

hey guys i jus got home from kaitlyns and we went to the bowie camp... and its was sooo fun... i love ZACH! omg lol i wanna go out with him!!! lol anyway... i am so happy im going to bowie! lol there are so many HOTT guys and so many people and the people from bailey are so nice! now i cant wait untill school starts.. tomarrrow we get our lockers and im happy cuz then i wont have to carry everthing around for like 5 dayz... so that will be fun... hopefully... and then i get to see zach and everybody else i met! lol anyway im going to my moms this weekend... so i guess that will be OK... and monday is my b-day!!!! woo! and idk who im inviting... its prob goin to B gaaaaaaayyy but O well

umm.. i guess thats all... lol ok LOVE YALL!!!



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