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how is my summer?

hey guys!! my summer has been tite! ( so far ) lol. so far i have stayed at kaitlyns for 3 days and that was soo fun! thursday me alicia and shanna went to kaitlyns house and had a great time... thats all iam gonna say about that night... lol.. uh.. the next day at kaitlyns house was... me, alicia, terra, and marisa... that was sooo fun. we went skinny dipping, then robert came over and we tolit paperped kaitlyns own house.. that was some funny ass shit... after that we came inside and like went to bed.... except me marisa and alicia. we desided to go into the middle room so that way kaitlyn wouldnt get all mad. hahaha then marisa took a pillow and SLAMED it onto the window and made a loud ass noise... nobody heard it... then we turned the TV on and saw that winnie the pooh was on and we saw that there were like 12 little piglets walking around making noises... so i just HAD to film it... then we turned it to the weather channel and turned the volume up as loud as we could... still.....nobody heard it... then we desided to go to bed, hahaha that was it... the next night it was just me that spent the night and... it wasnt AS fun but it was cool... cuz no matter what.. u always have fun with kaitlyn... the next day i came home and it was my sissy's b-day so i got her a new hair straitner ... woo hoo she was HAPPY lol... im so happy about this summer because im gonna be spending half of it with my BESTEST FRIEND ALICIA!! woo hoo and some other coolio friends of mine. here are some things im doing this summer:

1. going to the beach w/family

2. going to the beach with alicia, kaitlyn, and maybe shanna

3. going to shlitterbahn with alicia like 4 times

4. going to 6 flags with alot of ppl

5. going to dick nickols with ppl

6. JUST HAVIN FUN! woo hoo

anyway that isnt all of what iam going 2 be doing... its just alittle preview of what i will be doing so far. welli guess thats about all of the time i have for now so i will see you next time!!!!!!!! love yall~


that is where me and alicia are going!!!! ( by ourselfs) woohoo!!!!

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